[work in progress]

It is important that creating rentals is as quick as possible.

This means as few clicks as possible, and that you can quickly find the items you are looking for.

In order for that to happen, we must sort your Items into a logical order so you can quickly find them.

Take this view, for example, we have selected the Mountain EN category, which returns 24 bikes;

but check out the size column, they are not in the correct order.  BRM cannot compare:

LM > L > XL > 57cm > Medium > 48" > 52

Because we are using random things to define Size it cannot possibly know in which order to sort them.

If you want BRM to impose the right order when showing your Items (e.g. in the above grid) you need to adhere to this naming standard for your sizes.

This will be the order that BRM imposes - when these sizes are used.

(letters first, anything with a number in after)

recognised sizemeaning
XS or Extra Small
extra small
S or Smallsmall
M or Mediummedium
LM or Large Medium
large / medium (between)
L or Largelarge
XL or Extra Largeextra large
47cm (number, followed by letters)
48 (just number)
49"49 inches (number, followed by letters)