The following videos are available for getting an understanding of each functional area of the system.

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Note: we are continuously working to add new videos and will update this article regularly when new videos are available. 

date recorded
4th Jun 2020
Setting up

3:16Setup steps
27th Apr 2020
1:51Adding actual bikes to inventory
27th Apr 2020

3:11Creating reservations in BRM29th Nov 2021
1st Apr 2020
16:38Electronic signatures webinar recording
2nd Jun 2020
4:10Creating Reservations with Packages29th Nov 2021
4:25Creating Reservations in GBAL model29th Nov 2021

4:2529th Nov 2021
3:18Creating Packages ( Virtual Inventory ) in BRM28th June 2022 
4:4621st Feb 2020
3:20Adding your pricing29th Nov 2021
10:40Central Product Catalog webinar recording
9th Jun 2020
Lightspeed Integration

1:56LS > BRM26th Feb 2020
1:21BRM > LS26th Apr 2020
Online Booking

2:06Online Language Customization17th January 2023

Setting Up

Putting BRM on Your Website


Maintenance Work and Records