Create mode is all about making reservations quickly and easily.

This is the default view:  (with the optional advanced panel hidden)

Here you can see I have clicked on a Category to browse the bikes and availability within;

There are many ways to make a reservation (see the full list here) but here is one example:

  1. Click on a category  (shown above )
  2. Drag over the dates you want (in the grid, shown below )
  3. Enter your customer name
  4. Hit the create button

For those stores that do many rentals in a day, you might want to take advantage of optional 'advanced features'.

If you open the 'advanced panel' you will see two more panels, that open up more features.

The Advanced panel (the top panel)

  • Who Panel - which customer.  Import from Lightspeed, Tablet self-registration, look up or create on the fly.
  • When Panel - tell they system which dates you want to BOOK for - use quick duration buttons for speed
  • What Panel - which categories of bike are you interested in.  You browse by category or enter bikes by ID for speed.

When you've done the above, then either:

  • hit the '+ Create reservation' button.  + Create Button will only light up when you have chosen a bike(s).
  • OR drag and drop into a space in your planner VIEW

Please note that when you change to Create Mode the default view is day VIEW so you can see what is available before you book.

Also, please note the Poer Panel is optional so you can just make bookings directly in the planner VIEW in the bottom section.

Please note that if you are making a reservation for TODAY the system will set the From Time to be your current time.

For future or historical rentals, the system will default to store opening times (though this can be adjusted)

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