You're probably going to want to change the colours of your BRM experience to better match your branding.

You can easily do that here:

Settings > Online > Customization

When you visit that page you're going to see some options like this:

  • Colors
    • Primary Colour
    • Button Colour  (for example if you want it to be different to your primary color)
  • Bannners
    • show / hide banner
    • main banner image; 
      • dimensions: 1200 x 300 px 
      • file size: around 150-180Kb 
    • mobile banner image;
      • dimensions: 600 x 300 px
      • file size: around 100Kb

It is important you respect the sizes here to create a great online booking experience.

If you stick to these dimensions you will ensure that images look good and are not too large to load.

Images that are too large will slow down your users - chew up their data (on mobile) and generally create a poor experience unlikely to result in lots of bookings.

That is why you should provide a mobile version so if your users happen to be visiting from mobile they will see a smaller image.

How do you crop your images to the right dimensions?  There are plenty of free tools out there, here are a few;

  • Canva
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Gimp

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