We saw from the overview that providing an online booking process in multiple languages involves translating many types of data at the same time.

The languages customisation page lets users see all types of data in all languages in one convenient place.

Access the page from Settings > Online

When you're on the page you will see this:

To make an edit you need to double click on the words you want to change to go into edit mode:

make your change and press enter.  Then click outside the field and it will save.

Use the left-hand drop-down to choose the type of data you are interested in.

Choices are:

  • Booking Slots (your offering control)
  • Categories (inventory)
  • Customer Documents (customer)
  • Customer Fields (customer)
  • Customer Registration (customer)
  • Extras 
  • Online booking (control language - booking process)
  • Product Families (inventory)

the right-hand drop-down menu lets you choose your language, in order to make your desired changes.

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