[under development]

Multiple pricing tables will allow stores to specify multiple versions of their pricing tables, and rules which govern when each table is applied when calculating prices.

Here is a mockup of how it might look;

Deeper dive into some of the elements

  1. when we roll this out, your existing table will become your 'default table'
    1. you can add more tables
    2. we hope to add functionality to 'clone' existing tables - with a price adjustment (e.g. 10% higher than default)
  2. each table can be renamed and deleted (apart from default)
  3. you can define the type and rules;
    1. type: e.g. Day of the week, seasonal etc
    2. rules: e.g. Simple.  How does it handle things like reservations across split rates?
  4. validity - what time range does it come into force?

Potential use-cases

  • summer / winter pricing.
  • putting your prices up at end of your year.
  • weekend surge pricing.

Online Channels (also under development)

This feature will be even more powerful when used in conjunction with another new feature; online channels.

Let's say you work with a trusted partner for whom you provide different prices.  You can setup an online channel for your partner, and that channel can be specified to access a particular pricing table.

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