Here is what you need to do to get a store published on BRM.

Being successfully published consists of 2 things;

  1. getting your store published
  2. deciding on which inventory to publish

Please note - we attempt to this automatically on your behalf.

Store publishing

Go to the page in settings.  (e.g. here in for US stores) 

Please refer to this diagram and the numbers below...

First of all populate what you really need:

  1. Country (and Region)
  2. Click enabled and press on the map cross-hairs on the right...
    1. leave it a few seconds and it should find your store, assuming the store address has been populated
    2. you may need to tweak the address (commas etc) so that the Google API finds it.
  3. optionally populate your shop description, which will appear here: (called shop notes on

Then save / submit

hit save.  Then push, then publish request....


Next up you will want to ensure the directory knows about your bikes

Go into each category and, for any that you want to be published on, tag them appropriately.

E.g. for this Mountain category, we've chosen to tag it up as a Mountain.

(Of course they don't always match so easily - for example if you category was called Downhill)

We also try to auto-match against common names, we call these indirect or calculate tags.

They appear as green, whereas user defined tags appear as red.

You can also see tags on the overview page: (in red and grey respectively)