Here is what you need to do to get a store published on BRM.

Go to the page in settings.  (e.g. here in for US stores) 

Please refer to this diagram and the numbers below...

(it is important to realize we're making this page better and better over the coming weeks & months - removing what we don't need)

First of all populate what you really need:

  1. Country
  2. Click enabled and press on the map cross-hairs on the right...
    1. leave it a few seconds and it should find your store, assuming the store address has been populated
    2. you may need to tweak the address (commas etc) so that the Google API finds it.

Then populate the stuff you currently need (until we remove them - legacy 1.0)

3. the Region, populate a reasonable region

4. put the above in there - just so it passes validation

Then save / submit

hit save.  Then push, then publish request....