There are essentially two flavours of what we call the printed materials in BRM, emails sent to the customer/store (provisional/confirmed/adhoc etc) and the printout which can be printed directly from the RDP.

These documents share some core components through a style sheet. Code can be entered in Settings > Notifications > Advanced to modify this style sheet.

Below is a table of common modification requests from customers.

The code needs pasting into the Notifications Print CSS text box in Settings > Notifications > Advanced in the same format shown in the table. If multiple are required, just paste in one after another with a blank like between.

Hide shop logo at top of the email


display: none;


Shop logo (Settings > General) is shown at the top of all emails by default. No logo is ever shown on the printout.
Set email background colour of email to white

body {

    background-color: #ffffff;


By default the background colour of emails is #f5f5f5, a very light gray.
Hide the "total received" row from emails and print


display: none;


Showing the amount received is tmi for some shops, they only want to show the total and outstanding amounts.