Error Codes - Lightspeed Invalid foreign keys for Employee...

Occasionally - when you first setup your lightspeed integration - you may see this error when you try and "add Transaction" in BRM.

This is because Lightspeed needs a valid EMPLOYEE ID to take inbound data from other applications.
we default to user ID 1 (but sometimes this LS user doesn't exist on your LS database) or sometimes you are linked to a lightspeed user Id that has been removed from Lightspeed.

So you need to give us a valid LS user ID so we can make sure when you connect it will appear in Lightspeed under that user ID.

To find this - choose a lightspeed user you want to use for your inbound connections.
go to Settings->Employees in Lightspeed

We then connect the lightspeed employee ID to your BRM user account.

See this diagram for further explanation:

When you login to BRM, you have to use your login, in this example:
(in the BRM user database we add a 'foreign key' of 2 to this BRM user account)

Next, you do addTransaction to send over a transaction into Lightspeed.  BRM looks up the foreign key (from this account) and tells lightspeed to add the transaction (as a customer quote) using the employee account (of number 2, which is JOE BLOGGS on lightspeed)
lightspeed then looks up the employee account no2 - and if it can't find it you will get the error detailed in this article.