last significant update - 3rd September 2020


BRM 2.0 is now fully viable for most users of BRM.  

Including GBAL which was the last major functional area to be migrated over.

BRM 1.0 will be switched off at the end of 2020.

(currently a little over 93% of users on 2.0)


First of all, it is worth noting that BRM2.0 has some fundamental characteristics that just make it a better platform:

  • you can log in with any email (doesn't need to be google)
  • it is fully responsive (fits whatever screen size)
  • it is much more intuitive and beautiful (help built into each page)
  • it doesn't use the spreadsheet anymore, so is much easier to get to grips with!

Feature by Feature checklist

Moving on to a feature by feature list please take a look at this list:

(recent changes highlighted)

blue descriptions on the left are links to help articles!

click the to see a video for that topic

BRM 1.0BRM 2.0
manage (add / edit / delete)
set pricing
bulk modify


record maintenance
record a safety check

Online Booking

publish bikes
take bookings



create rental
visual planner


save custom searches

manage / edit

progress through stages
change dates & times
view & edit customer record
collect & show client signatures
show and edit extras
show and edit client data per bike
show financials
show billable days & duration
add notes
view reservation history
print reservations
email customers
add transactions
cancel reservation


show Stripe information
Stripe payment back office
Lightspeed Integration

Items in rentals

add items
swap items
remove items
add  & swap via browse
allocate Generics
change price of an item

Core Elements of BRM

Finally, please note BRM is really a collection of elements that you use to run your business.

  • online booking - for those of you who want to take online bookings on your site or others.
  • back office
    • create rentals in-store
    • manage rentals in-store (made online or in-store)
    • add / manage your inventory

(of course, there are many pieces of functionality, but we are talking here broadly about the big picture and how much is ready in BRM 2.0)

As you can see ALL the main components are now ready in 2.0