Product Lines - setup

In your fleet hierarchy, underneath your categories you will find 
Product Lines.  BRM organises your bikes into product lines, which are really just identical or interchangeable units.  This organisation will look different according to where you are;
  • in the BRM back-office, when you take bookings.  (or you can choose to ignore them and just see actual product)
  • if you sell online.  The customer essentially reserves a quantity of each product line, not actual product.
here is how it might look in the back-office (if you choose GBAL mode);

This is how product lines appear in your online booking wizard:  (ie they live under your categories)

So, how do you set up your product lines?

product lines are added to BRM via the spreadsheet.  For each rental item you list in your spreadsheet, you assign an 'ultraGeneric' name in the ultraGeneric column for that row:

Each time BRM finds a new product line in the spreadsheet it will create it.  Each time BRM finds and existing product line it will add the rental item to that product line.

The same is true of course if you want to add a product line at a later date, simply create a new product line name, Validate and Import.

Now you can easily change the names of your Product Lines in the Online Widget:
see here

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