Manage Fleet - how to add items

We understand that your fleet is a very dynamic thing.  You will add bikes, remove bikes and occasionally modify things (if you change a name of something for example)

In this article we are going to look at adding new items to your fleet:

  • how to add a new bike
  • how to add a new model
  • how to add a new category
  • how to add a new price group
  • how to add a new product line (AKA generic) (for selling online etc)

So the first thing to realise is that ALL new fleet data is entered into BRM via the spreadsheet.

Normally you will add a bike (or other rental item), but if you also specify a new model, category, generic or price group that will also be picked up and added to your BRM.

A working example:

Let's take this concrete example.  Here I am adding a brand-new bike to my test fleet with an ID2 of HR54 (how to find your spreadsheet)

Here is the same thing as a giphy.  Note that we type in (pasting for this demo) the details for a new Tandem:

(we leave the ID field blank)


I add the row at the bottom of my spreadsheet (but actually it doesn't have to be at the bottom, you can insert a row higher up your spreadsheet).

I added in all the details, like ID2, barcode, model etc etc.

In this example I happen to have added not only a new bike, but that has a new MODEL, and belongs to a new CATEGORY. It will also create a new product line, and will also be part of a new PriceGroup.

Please Note -  don't leave any blank rows in your spreadsheet (for example between type of bike)

Please Note -  don't forget to fill in all columns (apart from the greyed out ones, ID and genericId and Status)

When I have finished adding my row(s) I go back into BRM to VALIDATE and IMPORT.

Please Note -  its always very important to read the summary table to understand what changes BRM is going to do when it does the IMPORT.

In this case it shows that it has picked up all the new things:

Please Note - . sometimes you will have more set-up work to do, when you add more things.

For example;

Adding categories - you may need to setup new images for you online booking wizard

Adding price groups - you will need to go into Fleet->Pricing to configure your new price group

Don't forget to reload BRM in your browser if / when you make large changes to your fleet, so it has the latest information.

So what about adding a new Category when you don't add a new bike?

Sometimes you may want to re-organise your fleet.  In doing so, you create a new category. How do you add the new category?

Actually its the same process.  Simply modify the rows in your spreadsheet, that you want to assign to the new category, VALIDATE and IMPORT.

BRM will automatically pick up any new categories (price groups / models / generic etc)

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