Fleet Management - The Golden Rule!

There is only really one thing you absolutely must NEVER do in BRM / RSM.

When in your spreadsheet you must KEEP the ROWS CONSISTENT.

Let's take this example fleet:

See your bike with ID2 H4, it's a Trek 7.2FX 19" bike.

(also note, it also has ID of 7 - this is BRM's internal identifier and links it to all reservations, service histories etc)

So if bike H4 dies, then ID7 dies with it.  The whole row must be deleted!!!!

(you can buy a new bike and also call it H4 if you like, but it will be given a new ID, like 21 or something - that's fine)


Here we did a BAD delete of the bikes H4, H5, H6 by deleting part rows and moving them up.

Disaster - see bike no7 is now a Lapierre Tecnic.

It's the equivalent of taking your whole order book and putting it in a blender.

But don't panic if someone does it contact us and we'll try and revert your fleet to an older version.

See under the pic for how to do it properly.

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