Manage Fleet - importing bikes

The first part of fleet management is importing your fleet.

The BRM team will help you initially set up your fleet, but you can then use the Import / Export Asset datatab of the ManageFleet page to maintain your fleet and keep it up to date with any changes.

Here are detailed instructions about how to make changes to your inventory / fleet.  (e.g. add / update / remove items)

  1. Go to Fleet -> manage Fleet page within BRM.  Then choose the 3rd Tab; Import / Export Asset Data
  2. Open your store spreadsheet - click on Inventory Data
  3. make any changes like adding / removing bikes etc.  The spreadsheet is online, it saves automatically - no need to send back and forth.
  4. Go BACK into BRM.  Press the VALIDATE button - this will get BRM to automatically read the spreadsheet and make sure there are no errors or warnings.  If there are any errors / warnings, hover your mouse over the text to see the detail of these messages.  Even if there are no warnings you would still read the data grid to tell you what new information is in the spreadsheet.  In this example it shows that 10 bikes have been added to spreadsheet, and will be updated as soon as you press IMPORT.
  5. When all is good you can press the IMPORT button to actually do the import into BRM.

Please be aware that the first time you access your Inventory Data file you may be presented with the following screen.

Accessing your Inventory Data file requires access to be given by one of our Administrators the very first time you open the file. Please be patient as depending on the time of day it may take our Administrators a few hours to get to the permission request.

And one final thing to remember after importing bikes to BRM you will need to refresh your BRM browser window for the changes to appear.

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