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Varying Durations by Category

It would be a great feature to have various booking slots for different categories. For instance, your beach cruisers are very frequently rented short-term (perhaps hourly), but your high-end road bikes are rented at 3 days or more by default.

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Currently this is a huge barrier in allowing us to combine our different product types (ski & bike, etc.), with varying rental durations and rental duration minimums and maximums, into one instance per location

Additionally, even in our bike-specific instances, we have rental duration variations by category. For instance, we rent trail bikes starting at a minimum duration of 2 hrs and downhill bikes with a minimum rental duration of 4hrs. We don't currently have a way to handle for this variation. Hope you all can provide a solution for this one soon! 

Hey Bike Rental Manager, 
Any status updates on this request?
We have another example of a challenge we face that could be solved with this feature. We would like to cap the rental duration of our E-bikes so that they are not rented out for longer than they hold a charge/more than 1 day (since we prefer not to send folks out with the chargers). Currently we have no way to disallow folks from renting assets in this category for longer durations w/o affecting the rental duration of all categories. 

We'd like this feature too please!

We hire bikes for a set duration, but we also hire canoes/kayaks/paddleboards, and need these to go out several times a day in preset slots.

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