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Add ability to specify customer-facing common language for Booking Slots . (Rather than '4hrs' show 'half day'.)

When specifying booking slots also allow user to add a specific title to that duration. 


4hrs = 'half day'

8hrs = 'full day'

200 days = 'seasonal'  

or whatever text the user wants to show for that specific booking slot. 

This request comes out of our desire to sell longer term rentals like monthly or seasonal. If a customer wants to rent a ski for the season they should choose an option from the dropdown that says  'seasonal' rather than choosing '200d', which is a bit confusing, on the online booking page. I think this would be helpful for a handful of use cases - allowing businesses to further clarify the length of a rental. On the backend, the booked period for inventory can still be based on the actual amount of time you specify but to the customer it is more straightforward.

Additionally, it'd be nice to be able to hide pick-up time or pick-up date if they select a 'seasonal' rental as the date is not as critical. Instead it'd be great to have the option to just add some additional messaging like 'you can come pick up your seasonal rental by _ and the rental must be returned by _. Maybe it could block out a seasonal rental as soon as the booking is made rather than on a specific pick-up time. Just thinking outloud here.. Seasonal rentals are quite a bit different and we'd like to message them better to the customer. 

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I think this is a good idea too, and think it would be better from the customer point of view.

Hi everyone

This feature already exists in BRM and you can add booking slot labels for up to 9 different languages!!

Go to System -> Settings -> Languages and choose 'Booking Slots' in the first drop down.

We'd need to think more about the seasonal rentals parts of your questions.

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