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Extras Matrix controls

When making selections in the Extras Matrix, it should also be making the same adjustments to the corresponding assets in the back office and not just the OBW. 

We are almost always handling 'extras matrix' per category (lights should show up as an extra for all commuter bikes and poles should show for every adult ski demo). Could the system group all assets by category and use a category-level checkbox to easily add them to all assets in a specific category rather than go through the list and check each asset one-by-one?

Hi Hélène,

Thank you for commenting!  At the moment you will have to stick to assigning compatibility for each product family.

There's going to be configurable customisations in BRM2, so you will be able to choose your own "experience" in the system. The idea you mention may be one of them...assigning compatibility at the category, Product Family or Product Line levels.

Keep an eye out for the many new features and functions coming soon with BRM 2.0! 

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