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Create Work Order in LS for Confirmed Reservations

 Just as the LS/BRM interface allows transfer of information regarding the rental itself (cost, time period, customer information) it would be helpful if BRM could create a LS Work Order that mirrors the "What's Next" and "Prepare for Rental" functionality that exists in BRM.

As a LS user, I would like BRM to create "prepare for rental" work orders within LS for confirmed reservations.

Nice To Have:

  1. Ability to set the time period between LS Work Order due date/time and rental pickup time.
  2. Ability to send back "Finished" status to BRM's Mechanic section so that the prepare for rental is also completed.
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Hi Tom,

Thanks for a great suggestion. On looking further into the available LS integrations, we found that it is not possible to create a work order!! 

We have put this in as a feature request for Lightspeed. Hopefully they will implement that in the near future.

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