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support multiple staff using the same computer

Restaurant / bar POS systems often have the facility to 'switch user' by tapping in short code.

Often the screen auto-locks after X minutes of inactivity.

To unlock the staff member needs to type in their staff ID

This would be useful for:

  • mechanics sharing a computer - but recording who did a service
  • renters sharing a computer - who performed each operation

The point it is doesn't require a full LOGIN to BRM, which:

  • requires an email account to be connected
  • takes time to login etc

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That's a very good idea. If it would be linked to the view history you could understand almost everything. Who did what in which status.

Hi Onno,

yes it is going to be a powerful feature.  It will leverage the audit trail that is already built into BRM

Is this a feature that has been made available? 

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