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sell ski passes on BRM

Add the ability to sell ski passes alongside rental items on BRM.

(retail service, not rental)

We are still defining how this would work..

Main features:

  1. unlimited stock - coz you will be selling on behalf of resort as a service.
  2. price is dependant on duration - much like bikes
  3. sold as an 'extra' per skier.
  4. BUT any discount must not apply to the ski pass extra
  5. make sure it is easy to see exactly how many tickets you sold etc.

please join the discussion below if you think we've missed anything...

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Ski passes can now be sold on BRM as a non-discountable extra. This means the ski pass element of the booking does not have any discount codes applied to it as the margin on ski passes is different.

Quite a few customers have used it this season to great effect.

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