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Improved User Interface (UI)

BRM is an incredibly powerful tool, however, the UI is a major downfall. Without an easy-to-use, intuitive interface the functionality is lost!

It is a difficult tool to train staff on as the UI is dense, over-saturated, and somewhat poorly organized. I think BRM needs to invest in a cleaner, more attractive and intuitive user interface in order to compete with other tools in the market. We would love to see a full calendar view added in the back-end as well. 

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The rewrite of BRM version 2 is nearly done. Not only have we created a brand new modern user interface but we have made improvements all across BRM to make it easier to rent bikes.

Hi, Doug,
thank you.

Hi Onno,

we will be inviting a group of people into a discussion group shortly for the next phase of development.

I'll gladly include you in my list.

kind regards,


Yes, I think there is also a lot of potential for optimization there.

Doug, can you take us on your way?
It's always a shame to see the end product at some point and then say "shame, you could have done better". Please take us with you. Ask us for our opinion.

Thanks Doug. As you know, we are very excited for these changes to go into effect!

wow im very curious to see how that will be!

Hélène, Chris,

yes we totally agree!  Work on BRM 2.0 is well under way.

We are doing a complete re-write of the UI from the ground up - page by page.

New version will be fully responsive, intuitive, super-powerful and yet only showing each user what they need to see.

It is the fruit of having gathered feedback from hundreds of users over the last couple of years.

* by the way you can already see a full calendar view in BRM1.0 - link at the bottom.

Some early screenshots from the prototype...just to give you a flavour.

And from the new inventory page (no more spreadsheets!)

Please see here for information about seeing full calendar views within BRM 1.0

I agree with the above comments

Great functionally but hard to get to grips with learning and using all that it can do.  I think we only use a fraction of the capability of BRM as a result

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