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Allow addition of Asset Notes & Images at Model Level

Currently, BRM requires that we add item descriptions and images to each size(GENERIC_ID) of the same item model(SUPER_GENERIC), however, we always use the same descriptions and images on the model level (regardless of size). It would be awesome if we could add the item notes and images at the model level (SUPER_GENERIC) which would save us quite a bit of setup time. 

Update: I believe it actually does replicate the asset image for all sizes however, it does not do this for Notes. 

That is good feedback. Sounds like we should do the same replication we do for images for the notes fields.

I'll get that added to the engineering roadmap.

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Good news - engineering have implemented the same replication of image information for the notes fields.

Please give it a try.

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This is great - thanks Mark!

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