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Extras To Be Shown in Planner Along With Assets

Make extras be an option to list when viewing or printing the upcoming reservations. This would make preparation easier. 

"It would be great if the extras like flat pedals or spds or helmet request would be listed as an item to prep on the 48 hour check list to print out the day before to prepare bikes...right now the list only prints customer name and the asset id string as well as the financials, but would be cool if the pedal selection was posted so then the employee doesn't have to look up the specific reservation to find this information....Would also be cool to list the rider weight as an item so we can pre set the suspension easier too."

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Very much this.

There is no way of knowing what extra item (helmet, gloves, rucksack) the customer has added to the rental booking.

We would need to click through every booking to double check for extra items....

This would be problematic for our busy season where we have 20-30 bookings a day.

Please add an extra column showing the customer has added extras. i.e. a coloured circle or square. Outwith mandatory items.

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