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email a snapshot of next day's rental activity

To mitigate the impact of any potential network outages, one idea is to have a snapshot of your next day's rental activity emailed to an OFFLINE email account each night.That way if there is a network outage during the day it would be possible to print off the snapshot to know which bikes are involved in activity that day.

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It says this feature is Live but I am struggling to find the "snapshot" view. Is this something that has been disabled or am I just not looking in the correct place? Having a snapshot of the upcoming day emailed to our service team would huge!


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I'd also like to know where the function is.

Hi folks,

so, yes you can print a snapshot at any time from within BRM, for any date:

the 'snapshot of next day' currently goes to one of our email accounts (off the google ecosystem) so we can easily email it to stores should Google have big problems ever (not happened in 8+ years)

But perhaps making it a FEATURE to optionally add your email in there, to get nightly snapshots - sounds interesting.

Hi, Doug,
I just want to know which bikes are reserved for the next day and the day after. Actually nothing more. Otherwise it is much too overloaded.

Hi Onno,

you know about this right?

it is very flexible, and will show bike ID's for rentals for today, tomorrow etc...

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