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which payment & POS platforms should BRM / RSM support?

we currently support:StripeLightspeed integrationwhich (if any) other payment platforms should we support?

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For what it's worth, we use both Square and eWAY.

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We are using Stripe right now but would switch to Square if possible since it is our platform in store to have everything in one place.

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We primarily use Vantiv and Braintree as well as some others that we hope to get away from (USAePay & Square). 

Square is proving very popular and has definitely made our shortlist of potential integrations:

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PayU is another integration we've had requests for recently:

I'd sign up now if I could integrate with Cardstream... are there any plans to do so?

Citrus Lime has also been requested

There are so many payment providers out there now so it is likely across your customer base there may be three dozen or more companies being utilised to take payments online/in person/over the phone.

We were with Worldpay, we have just switched to First Data. We chose them because it will save us over 2k per year vs Worldpay, vs Stripe the numbers are even bigger as the rates gap is very very broad.

The majority of merchant payment services providers have an online payment gateway facility. First Data can be integrated into our Sopify platform using this online payment gateway, along with many other companies that use a similar gateway.

Perhaps there could be the option to integrate any merchant services provider with a recognised online payment gateway facility that meets the necessary criteria?

As you say there are too many for us to integrate with.

We will add more choice over time for big players.  (e.g. perhaps Worldpay)

each integration takes time and must be kept up to date - and supported amongst our users.

But meanwhile for folks who are very sensitive to payment charges please see here:

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