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Improve KB articles

I find your KBIs very difficult to follow. It would be really helpful if every** KBI started with a breadcrumb of how you got to where you are (**some include this info while others don't). Screenshots of the buttons you clicked (breadcrumbs) would be even more helpful. Every KBI should be understandable by someone who has never seen the tool before. It also seems like the KBI titles are very BRM name specific, which makes it incredibly difficult to find the answer to what you're looking for. The article headings should be in layman's terms. (for example: "how to edit product info".) Either that or the search just needs to point toward more keywords in the article itself and not just the title.

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Totally Agree!  We moved to FreshDesk (this platform) during 2018 and so far it has been much better for all.

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