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create an API for BRM

We are considering creating an API for BRM(we may perhaps use too)please give us your ideas for use cases, here are some of ours:- import reservations from external systems- import clients from external systems- export reservations to google calendar- send an SMS when problems occur - late rentals, broken bikes etc- send SMS when reservations due back- export customers to mailchimp or similar

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Work on the API has been going on for the last 6 months now. 

We are building the new BRM application using APIs and in time, those APIs will be made available for our customers as well.

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Use case example: We would like to surface the BRM backend in our own POS system so that we can manage rentals & demos via BRM but handle order & payment via our own processors. Is what you are building capable of those types of connections? 

Hi Helene,

well, for discussion, (lets set up a call) this is how we already integrate with Lightspeed.  In an ideal world we would support two levels of API

  • in the user interface.  Ability to invoke the BRM user interface but with parameters.  E.g. send in a customer, POS order reference, date range ?
  • in the back end. Send BRM an API to 'create rental' for example

But the tricky part is that it requires two way integration.  BRM needs to talk back to your POS to send back payment instructions etc.

Does you POS have an inbound API?

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