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Allow customisation of reservation emails

The automatically generated reservation emails are not pretty. It would be great if we had the ability to customise them. As it stands, we're a bit reluctant to use them. The image we present is important.

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Any updates on this? If not happening soon, is there a way to disable the confirmed booking emails to the customer (so that we can manually create our own confirmation email)? It would be good to keep receiving the auto ones to our admin address though.

Hi Anthony,

yes, we have updated the way they work and now are much more flexible - and you can even reply in multiple languages.

Yes, you can configure and turn off the confirmation emails:

see the sections in here on provisional and confirmed emails.

Thanks Doug. I can see that you are able to turn on/off the provisional booking emails but there is no similar option for confirmation emails, not that I can see anyway.

Also, the confirmation email content field is not appearing on our emails for some reason.

thanks, I'll investigate and get back to you.

Ability to turn off confirmation emails to the shop for back-office reservations. Not always necessary if they're the ones making the reservation in store. 

Hi Anthony, 

Just to let you know you can now turn on and off the confirmation emails for the customer.

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